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Building a Brand on Social Media

Participants will learn to develop a social media marketing plan as a part of their overall marketing strategy, determine who should be on their team, and choose how they will measure what is taking place.


Understanding Marketing and Sales

This course will show you how to get maximum exposure at a minimum cost. Learn effective, low-cost, and non-cost strategies to improve sales, develop your company’s image, and build your bottom line.

Effective conflict resolution

Effective Conflict Resolution

This course will demonstrate the six-step process to resolve conflicts of any size. You will also learn crucial conflict resolution skills, including dealing with anger and using the Agreement Frame.


Manage Personal Work Priorities and Professional Development

Personal development is a lifelong process. Identify the skills you require to set life goals that can enhance your employability, raise your confidence and lead to a more fulfilling, higher quality life. Plan to make positive and effective life choices to enable personal empowerment.

privacy app on computer

Australian Privacy Act

The principal piece of federal legislation regulating privacy in Australia is the Privacy Act. It regulates the handling of personal information by the Australian Government, the ACT Government and the private sector.


Seniors Equity Release & Reverse Mortgage Course

A course to help finance brokers understand the fundamentals to successfully engage clients, understand the risks, effectually market reverse mortgage and equity release products, recognise advice limitations and work proficiently with other professionals in the client advice process.

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