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Quick Start Guide

Our Quick Start Guide below may help with simple process to get you started, otherwise check below for further solutions to commonly asked questions.  If you cannot find the answer to your question, you can contact us on the Contact Page 

Access to Your Enrolled Courses

Register & Access Your Groups

Access to Your CPD's & Certificates

Course FAQs

Our courses are available to everyone. If you would like to gain more knowledge and skills, to assist you in the development of your professional life, you are bound to find a course that will fit your needs.

On the CPD Rise home page you will find an interactive search bar to find what you are looking for. Simply type in  words that relate to your subject of interest and it will populate courses in a drop down, that might suit your interests. By clicking on the drop down of the course and it will take you to the course home page to read more about each course. 

Alternatively go to All Courses in the navigation menu. This will take you to a page where you can search by category or scroll through the individual courses to find your course of interest.

A few courses do have a prerequisite course that needs to be taken first. This will be indicated on the Course Details page.

All of our courses are currently in English language and we are working on further translations at a later date this year.

You can enrol in as many courses as you like. Each course that you purchase will be available in the My Courses area. The courses will show in a progress grid which you can expand to view all modules. The progress bar will show each individual course progress, and it will show as complete with a certificate once it has been completed. 

If you leave a course during the progress, you can just return later and pick up where you left off by clicking on the return to course link in your dashboard.

No, as these are all self-paced online courses. Students will all be at different stages of the course at different times.

The amount of time you have to complete your course will be listed in the Course Details of each course. Most of our courses have 12 months access.

Yes. When you pass the course with a score of 80% or higher, you will receive a certificate of completion. This will be available in your course progress summary in My Courses and can be saved, downloaded or printed.

Continual Professional Development (CPD) hours, or otherwise sometimes referred to as points or credits, is the time spent by an individual during active learning or education.  Industry bodies and associations set requirements to measure CPD hours for many industries to uphold the knowledge and skills of individuals. Their requirements for varied activities are relevant to learning objectives, required by law to maintain and uphold currency of the skills and knowledge.  

Yes, CPD hours have been approved and allocated to each of our courses and will be shown on each certificate. CPD hours are also automatically allocated to your CPD statement for each individual member. It is up to each individual to know and understand which skills they need to develop, and where the hours will be allocated for their own requirements within their industry association.  

You can access your courses from several different devices and platforms, including a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, and most current smart phones.

Yes, when payment is successful your course will immediately be accessible in My CoursesSimply go to your course progress summary and look for the relevant course. By clicking on the course this will redirect to a focused interactive learning area. 

Member Registration & FAQ

You can register in three ways as an individual member. You can click on Register in the navigation menu, you may also register from the login form by clicking the register link. Alternatively you can also register your account throughout the checkout process when purchasing any course. This is automatic when purchasing any course if you have not yet registered.   

You will not be required to enter any code to register as an individual member. 

Log in to your account using the username and password you used during the registration process. 

Go to My Profile > My Courses. Under Course progress, you will find a grid with all the courses you are enrolled in, and the progress of each one. Where you have completed a course there will be a link to the certificate provided for your retention. 

If you have trouble logging in to your CPD Rise account, there are a few steps you can try to troubleshoot the issue:

  1. Clear your cache and cookies following the instructions here.
  2. Disable the following (feel free to turn these back on after checking if this will fix the issue):
  • Browser extensions/add-ons
  • Pop-up blockers
  • Firewall
  1. If you’re on a device running Windows, please add CPD Rise to your antivirus safe/exclusion list, and to Windows Defender Antivirus exclusions.
  2.  If you are using an ad blocker, try turning it off.
  3. Quit your browser, then give that another shot.

In case you don’t remember your password, on the login screen, click on “Forgot password”, enter your email address and we will send you a new link to reset your password.

If you still have trouble, please contact us about the issue.

When you sign up for CPD Rise you’re also creating your login credentials.

You can change your password by going to My Profile > My Account. Here you can enter in your current password and then your new password.

If you have forgotten your current password go to My Account > Password. From here, you can enter your email associated with your CPD Rise account, we’ll send you a password reset email.

To change the email address attached to your CPD Rise account, you will need to do this from a desktop device. Log in and go to My Dashboard > My Account. Here you can enter in your new email address. 

Group Registration & FAQ

A group can be an industry association or and Aggregator, a large broker franchise group, or a small business group who wish to offer either optional or compulsory CPD education. There are different options for group membership. 

You company may have decided to register for group training. If your company has chosen to take our enterprise package, then you may be asked to join their group. You will have access to the group’s resources, webinars, CPD training and  any relevant information that they decide to add within the group. You may be offered discounted courses or a membership, all of which is negotiable by the Group Leaders. 

If you are registering as part of a group, the group will provide a registration link to gain access to their group page. You will need a code to register with a group and will be provided by the group. 

If you are planning on joining a group, you will need to register within the group before you purchase a course. The group will provide instructions in their group page, about how to enrol or purchase courses or they may have already purchased them for the group. 

If you are part of a group you will require a code to register. This code will then automatically log you into the group where you will have instant access to private group resources, materials and any group courses that are specific to that group.

Please contact your organisation to receive your group registration code? 

A group may opt to pay for courses for its members for example an employer may have a group for compulsory training which they cover. Or they may expect you to cover your own training. There are many types of groups with different arrangements.

They may wish to take a membership where they pay for your courses or they may give free access to the group where you pay for courses within the group. Your group will let you know if they ask you to join. 

Payments and Refunds

You can access the billing history of your CPD Rise account at any time. Log in to your account. Go to My Profile> My Account > Orders. Here you can view and print your course orders

Due to most of the courses being short and delivered online we are unable to offer refunds.

VIP Discounts

If you are part of a group, your organisation may provide you with a discount pricing with a coupon.
From time to time we may have offers. If you are on our VIP mailing list you will receive these via email. To join our VIP member discounts, you will need to subscribe to our VIP Membership at the bottom of this page or our home page.

If you have a coupon, the coupon code needs to be entered into the space provided in the cart or checkout, during payment process.

The coupon needs to be entered prior to payment. We are unable to refund the discount amount.

At the time of the offer you will be notified of the coupon expiry date.

Due to most of the courses being short and delivered online we are unable to offer refunds.

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