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Introduction to Email Marketing

Course Details Description What is e-mail marketing? Do you or your business engage in email marketing? How can you do effective email marketing? Are there any dos and don’ts?  Many brands still fail at email marketing, and they don’t even know it. The primary reason is that most brands don’t have a focused Email marketing strategy in place. You can’t […]

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Customer service team sitting at computers answering customer phone calls

Critical Elements of Customer Service

Course Details Description Have you ever lost a client because service delivery was delayed? Are you a service provider dealing with high customer attrition because of billing issues? In both these instances, the loss occurred because of poor customer service.  Whether you are an independent consultant working with multiple clients, an executive or manager dealing

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Finance Broking Client Journey

Understand your prospective client’s needs and motives, how to set expectations and meet their objectives during the lending process. This course is ideally suited to finance and mortgage brokers seeking to better understand their clients buying motives and service expectations. Topics Covered

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Developing and Maintaining Client Relationships

According to you, in an organisation, whose job is it to develop and maintain client relationships? CEO, Sales, Marketing, or Customer Service team? Are you struggling to maintain relationships with your clients?  In an organisation, developing and maintaining client relationships is everyone’s responsibility.  This course is designed to help learners improve, maintain, and make their client relationships better through professional tips, styles, and rapport building. It will help you know your clients and

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