Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA)

Course Details Description On 9 May 2017, based on the findings and recommendations of the Review of external dispute resolution and complaints arrangements in the financial system (the Ramsay Review), the government endorsed the establishment of a single scheme to deal with all financial disputes (including superannuation disputes), combining and streamlining the existing three external dispute resolution […]

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Comprehensive Credit Reporting

Course Details Description The term “comprehensive credit reporting” refers to a system of credit reporting that permits more types of personal information to be collected and used in credit reporting than was previously allowed under the Australian Privacy Act of 1988. Comprehensive Credit Reporting (CCR) includes repayment history information and credit liability information of consumer

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Credit Fraud Awareness

Course Details Description Identity theft, fraud, phishing – all sound very ominous. The truth is, frauds are now an everyday occurrence and people across the globe suffer equally. Identity theft and credit fraud can occur in almost any industry and they can take many forms. The types of fraud differ primarily on the basis of

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ASIC Credit Cases

Course Details Description ASIC is Australia’s corporate, markets, financial services and consumer credit conduct regulator. ASIC regulates Australian corporations, financial markets, and financial services organisations and professionals who deal and advise in investments, superannuation, insurance, deposit taking and credit. ASIC regulates these entities under a number of Commonwealth laws. These laws include the Corporations Act

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