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Sales Process – How To Build Rapport

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Calvin Klein once said,” The only way to advertise is by not focusing on the product”. It is scientifically proven that people buy from people they trust.

Whichever industry you are in, whatever products and services you sell – if you are not connecting with your customers, talking to them, understanding their requirements, and anticipating their needs – you will always struggle to achieve your sales targets.

This is the reason why ‘rapport building’ is an essential part of any sales course or training. When you have a good rapport with your clients, they trust your advice and welcome suggestions that can help them pick the right product or service. Such customers end up becoming your ‘repeat customers’ or ‘long term customers’. At times, rapport building happens naturally – you simply hit it off with some people. Other times, you have to put in extra effort for the client to reach a point where they open up to you.

This course has been designed to help you discover ways to gain trust and respect from your clients and to recognise opportunities for rapport-building during your interactions.

Estimated Time To Complete

Approx 3 Hours

Learning Outcomes

Know how to create rapport even before you meet with potential clients
Understand how to build rapport in your office, in the client’s office or home, in neutral environments, and on the phone
Know how to utilise special keywords to develop a warm rapport
Have access to a checklist of situations that will prevent anti-rapport


Defining Rapport
Elements in Building Rapport
Rapport Building Influences
Influences at Work
Pre-emptive Rapport
Building rapport at the client’s home, office or business
Building rapport in your office
Building rapport in a neutral environment
Building rapport on the phone
Building virtual rapport


Computer, tablet or mobile
Internet Connection
Edge, Safari, Chrome or Firefox

Course Delivery

Online Learning

Course Access

12 Months

CPD Hours

3 Hours


Multiple Choice

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