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Personal Development and Effectiveness

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Did you know that 20% of your actions produce 80% of your results? It’s called Pareto’s Principle, and it is one of the many techniques people use to increase their personal efficiency.  

Personal effectiveness is not new and is most commonly associated with people who are self-aware, motivated, and constantly strive to achieve their goals. This is also a much sought-after attribute in employees. Personal development and effectiveness go hand-in-hand. It is an approach that involves concentrating your efforts and energy in acquiring and developing skills that will help you achieve your goals and grow professionally as well as personally.

This course is designed to enable learners to prioritise their own development to become more effective personally and professionally. It will help learners take into consideration time, resources, and other constraints. The course will also discuss how you can plan resources, consider your professional goals, and capitalise on your personal development training. 

Estimated Time To Complete

Approx 3 Hours

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to

Identify what personal efficiency is, what skill sets can improve your personal productivity and what attitudes you should cultivate.
Describe what role long-term goals play in short-term efficiency.
Apply the 80:20 rule and learn how it should affect planning.
Use the Eisenhower principle to prioritise work.


Understanding personal efficiency
Developing the right attitude
Laying the foundation
The building blocks of a good organisational system
Creating the right environment
Setting up your virtual environment
Setting up your information management centre
Prioritising your tasks


Computer, tablet or mobile
Internet Connection
Edge, Safari, Chrome or Firefox

Course Delivery

Online Learning

Course Access

12 Months

CPD Hours

1 Hours


Multiple Choice

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