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Advanced Writing Skills

Course Details Description Do you want your readers to be sincerely interested and engaged by your writing? If yes, design your message to capture their full attention.  For your writing to be immediately appealing to an audience, it must be perfectly crafted to move readers along as smoothly as possible. Your audience demands easy access […]

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Image of words describing equity, Belonging inclusion diversity equity

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Course Details Description Diversity, equity and inclusion as a term may be new but diversity is a concept that has been around for centuries. It’s not just about the RAW diversity between different races, but also Includes women and people with disabilities who have traditionally lacked representation in society at large or even within their

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Two individuals sitting opposite one another having a difficult conversation

Managing Difficult Conversations

Course Details Description Dealing with difficult situations and conversations at workplace is not something you’d want to do but is something you need to be prepared for.  We have so many interactions in the run of a day, it’s reasonable to expect that some of them are going to be difficult. Whether these are conversations

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