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Psychological Health and Safety

$47.00 “incl. GST”

This course will equip you with key knowledge and understanding about how individuals and workplaces can take responsibility for creating psychological safety policies that promote positive choices for everyone involved!

Recently, occupational health and safety standards have widened to encompass psychological well-being. Psychological Health & Safety (PH&S) is a combination of interactions between people in day-to-day work life and management practices ingrained within the workplace. This can range from minor issues like stress all the way up to severe mental illness – impacting us drastically in our jobs, relationships and wider society. With this knowledge comes the responsibility for employers to recognise their role in creating working environments that promote healthy mindsets amongst employees, allowing them safe spaces where they thrive professionally rather than struggle emotionally with complex conditions or processes.

Mental health is a critical part of our collective success. At the workplace, mental health can no longer be an afterthought. Protecting and nurturing the psychological health of employees is essential for creating a safe work environment. Scientific evidence shows that proactively addressing psychological safety and well-being through tailored programs leads to lower costs associated with any potential issues down the line.

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